Friday, January 19, 2007

Alive and Kicking

And now for a complete and total change, I present to you the best darn morning commute full o'music I've had in pretty much forever (if you don't like the 80's, you might just wanna move on).

I could NOT believe it when I got in the car and heard the following song:

- "New Moon on Monday" - Duran Duran
And then I REALLY couldn't believe it when I heard it again on an entirely different station. One of my all-time favorite Double Duran songs - other than "Last Chance on the Stairway." Any good Duran fan will tell you their best songs never got airplay. And even the best fan -- if they are being honest -- will probably tell you they don't have a clue what their lyrics mean except in those songs clearly about S-E-X (duh). This Double Duran flashback took me back to my days of adoration for skinny pasty English boys in general and the skinny pasty English boys of Duran Duran (where did they get that name - do you know? I do.) -- enough to skip a class for their concert and to sneak backstage and even to get kicked out RIGHT IN FRONT of John and one of the other guys walking to their limo! Ahhh those were the days.

- "New Moon on Monday" - Duran Duran (AGAIN on a different station)!
- "Annie Get Your Gun" - Squeeze (I'd forgotten all about these guys)!
- "Red Skies at Night" - The Fixx (Amazing live musicians)
- "Good Girls Don't" - The Knack (Don't love the words, but it's catchy)
- "Alive and Kicking" - Simple Minds - AMAZING!! Gotta get out my albums.
- "Perfect Skin" - Lloyd Cole (I used to adore this guy - so cool)
- "Hold Me Now" - Thompson Twins (Never liked them but this is a classic)

And then for something entirely different:

- "Meet Virginia" - Train

And back for some more 80's goodies:

- "Shout" - Tears for Fears (One of the best bands ever in my opinion)
- "People are People" - Depeche Mode (Better live than I thought they'd be)
And a few that don't quite fit but I like 'em anyway:

- "Listen to the Music" - Doobie Brothers
- "Ever Lasting Love" - Natalie Cole

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  1. Kristin1/23/2007

    Having had the same passion for pasty white English boys, I do know where DD got their name - From the movie Barbarella, it was the name of the angel I believe. Thank you for the memories!