Sunday, January 21, 2007

Worn out

Princess parties wear me out! No kidding. Didn't want to fulfill the 2nd child syndrome and so scrambled to fulfill the girl's last minute request for an "official" birthday party (with a cake and kids) -- apparently gifts with extended family while out to a lunch for Great-Grandma doesn't count... It seems I'm not the only one who's worn out. I ran out to the grocery store for a short bit and returned to a completely quiet castle... the princess, the prince and the king have all apparently passed out in the royal bed chambers. Not a peep have I heard.

Granted (as Clotilda would say - psst - she's an awesome fairy godmother -- you should check out her book sometime if you haven't the foggiest what I'm talking about) the party appeared to be a smashing success as was the perfect princess party cake and even the boys invited all made royal crowns and magic wands... but it really became all I did all weekend long! I'm sure many a parent can understand. While I've no doubt got a pirate party to contend with in a few short months, I've already publicly sworn next year will be far more mellow.

And after all the royal guests had departed, I scrambled to conjure up something good for tomorrow's preschool snack (since I'm both the snack helper and the birthday girl's mama). I've got bananas, baby carrots and a rather odd assortment of rice crackers (we have both a peanut and a wheat allergy at our school). My grand idea was to make homemade blueberry muffins with wheat-free flour. I mixed, I baked, I tasted... and unless my tastebuds are lying to me (because they are still enjoying the beer they're having), I failed. These things taste gnarly -- and you know if I think so as an adult... those multiple little people probably aren't gonna buy it.
"Oh bother" as Pooh would say... and now what?


  1. Pictures didn't post? :( Hurray that you gave her great memories and a bigger hurray that it's over! I can so relate. :)

  2. Love the princess cake! Too cool!

    That wheat free baking stuff is tricky business - according to the gluten-free people in my life, 9 times out of 10 it just isn't worth it...

  3. I love the princess cake. Very sassy.

    As for wheatless baking, I'm with kbeeps... My boss has celiac, recently diagnosed, and he's having a dickens of a time finding suitable gluten substitutes. Frankly, I'm from the "wheat hasn't wiped out the population yet" mode, so I would just go with regular cupcakes or muffins for the kids who can eat wheat, with a small amount of apples and peanut butter for the delicate hothouse flowers who are sensitive.

    But that's just me. I hit my limit while I was teaching preschool. Now I only cook for me.


  4. I'm baking gluten free and have an excellent blueberry muffoin recipe. email me if you'd like it. It's from the book Gluten 101 by Carol Fenster.