Saturday, January 27, 2007

Would ya?

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Would any of you flower lovers (or others) out there ever consider buying either individual or sets of postcards or note cards with a variety of the photos above? Most likely about $10 (postcard sets) and $12 (notecard sets) plus postage (if you aren't in Portland, Oregon)? If so... I'd love to know (this doesn't mean you would be commiting to an order... I'm just putting feelers out before I put any card packs up for sale on Etsy.... Look for more potential photo card subject collages soon. By the way, the photos on the cards wouldn't be square as shown in the collage and most likely I'd have 2 each of several of the shots. Thoughts?
I have some potential sets ready to go if folks are interested... they include photos with the following themes:
  • Household
  • Seattle (Pike Place Market)
  • Snowy Scenes
  • Reflections
  • The Oregon Coast
  • Colors & Patterns
  • Kid Stuff
  • In the Garden
  • NW Wildlife
  • Light (Sunsets included)
  • NW Scenes


  1. Yes! I am so happy you are thinking that direction, Tom and I always love your photos you have on the site....

    Also you might consider approaching a few small stores to sell the cards as well. For example, Greg's on Hawthorne, or Tilde in Sellwood (another photographer friend has cards there).

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot to mean coming from folks with obviously good artistic taste (any new stuff from Mr T coming anytime soon)? Also... we miss you guys... maybe we can figure out a dinner with all 8 of us sometime or again try to find a Bogg & Salty show that is sans kids.

  3. I bought some greeting cards from a Portland artist a few months back who has an "agent" sell them for her. She makes her entire living at it. In fact, she is so busy now she has hired an assistant to actual create the cards so all she does is design them (not that designing isn't demanding). Now I'm convinced that is the way to go! I encourage you to try the Etsy thing. I've purchased several items off of their and really enjoy the community of artists there.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts. I'm assuming your artist friend does something more arty and involved than the photo card thing. Having an agent is a lovely dream... maybe someday. If not, that's o.k. 'cause I really do it cause it is fun and I love it and like to share (but not go broke)! :-)

  5. There are a ton of photo cards being sold at Cannon Beach - I bet you could hook up with some gift shops to carry them. Especially the beachy ones.

    Beautiful work!

  6. Totally. I've received two photo cards of tulips and it's like receiving two presents when it's attached to a birthday present. :)
    I love your pictures on your site and I think many would be interested in your work. It's very beautiful.

  7. Kristin1/28/2007

    I would love them! I especially like the kid one - would make great thank you cards!

  8. I like the flowers and the light ones the best.