Saturday, January 27, 2007

Royalty is as royalty does...

PS - We were just having dinner (a yummy, yummy, yummy dinner according to the boy who doesn't like anything) and discussing our royal status...

The boy proclaimed himself the King of mint ice cream,

I dubbed myself, Queen of Cannoli,

and then the girl made the following royal announcement, and I quote:

"I'm the... King of 'Oh Crap!"

Oh Great! It's been a tough week... and by the way... parents (meaning Mama's) should automatically no longer have to have their period and PMS the second they get pregnant and/or give birth. Not fair and not conducive to quality parenting either.


  1. Yeah, and the women who never intend on having kids shouldn't have to have periods or PMS either!

  2. Oh so true... PMS is just not right period. No pun (or maybe every pun) intended.