Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Best laid plans - part 2

Happy Birthday to Judi (frequent visitor and commentator on Mama Picture This) and Happy Every Day is Mama Day to the rest of us (and Papa's too)!

Here's to our best laid plans for rejuvenating ourselves that so often get set aside out of necessity to care for the inevitable detours of our days -- Day off of school on OUR birthday, a sick child with a fever in bed when you were finally going to have Mama/Son alone time, daughter home from preschool 'cause brother's sick in bed! Ah well... these are the days...

And so even though I really want to be working on my photos and having a date with my son, I'm gonna check on the girl in the bubble bath and the boy in bed, hopefully manage some laundry and cleaning while here at home and call it a good day if anything gets done at all.

Look for more thoughts on sustainability (a seperate blog?) and photo cards soon. In the meanwhile, if there is a card or two that someone wants to purchase individually, feel free to leave me a comment and your email if I don't already have it and I'm sure we can work something out...

And here's to a fun February (coming to a planet near you soon)!

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