Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reflection time

Someone asked me recently "How I manage to find the time" to do all that I do... mind you this was another Mama who does too much with too little time and we both feel as though we don't manage it while others do...

Wasn't there a book out awhile back - something about women who do too much?

I have another fabulous activist friend who recently said that all we Mamas need to do is focus on our families and children and leave the fixing the world to them... while I love the sentiment... it doesn't quite work that way although I'm not quite sure. Really by focussing in our children and giving them our best, we do change the world for the better although there is always the need for balance ... for the Mama to have quality time to be herself (or in the case of Papas himself) ... time for creativity, quiet, fun, adults and inspiration, rejuvenation. What rejuvenates you?

Since I'm in a reflective mood, I'll post those photos... at least a few of them and think about having a quality "date" with my boy tomorrow morning since his school is out and his sister's is IN.


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  2. Ah spam... even on blogs.

  3. What rejuvenates me? We won a big gift certificate to a fancy schmancy restaurant...I think date night with my hubby and excellent food will rejuvenate me!
    Also: a good chick flick with no one to roll their eyes at me!
    Or how about a day with no chores to play with my 2 (almost 3)year old!

  4. I totally agree with you. If all my energy is focused on them, they only see that it's all about them and we do more harm then good. We need to balance 'being mom's" with what keeps us refreshed and nurtures our individuality. They learn to respect that, accept that we have needs too which makes them better individuals even at a young age.
    My rejuvenation comes from crafts, gardening, reading, believe it or not- cleaning without interruption and tomorrow...dinner with my man at Macaroni Grill. :)

  5. Ha! Tomorrow is my birthday! And of course the kids are out of school! We are going ice skating, part of our 'do some more new things this year'.

    Then on Thursday, my regular day off, a trip to the art museum!