Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Giving thanks

I am working hard to remember and focus on the good things. To that end, this morning I'm thinking about giving thanks. I am thankful for:

Couch cushion forts, Legos, princess castles, my kids being dressed, fed and ready for school, playing nicely together in the other room...

I'm also thankful for: the post holiday season, school, sunny day super hero walks, a much cleaner home office, my great supportive friends and family, and SUPER DOG!

But mostly I'm thankful that last night is over... and that the girl has moved past her desperate need to sit in the middle car seat, have cookies that don't exist and have a bath despite tantruming way past the point of possibility. Ahhh... happy Wednesday!

PS... WE FOUND "HORRIBLE HARRY GOES TO THE MOON!" Sneaky guy didn't make it to the moon... just under one of our family room loveseats. But now he's back at school where he belongs! Good riddance.

Also ... the girl's a prolific artist and we've taken the holiday as a good time to give away her paintings as gifties...


  1. Anonymous1/03/2007

    I so want to go on a superhero walk! I need to find my cape though! Do you think my cat would go on one too?


  2. Yay for Super Dog! Looking awfully cute!

    Glad Horrible Harry made it back to Earth!

  3. Thanks to superdogs!!!! again. love the pics!!!!

  4. I tried takingo one of my cats (my beloved Rio) for walk years and years ago and she just kept hunkering down trying to stay stuck to the sidewalk. I don't think she liked it but you are welcome to find a cape and come along on our walks.

  5. And Super Dog is quite super although mostly at barking loud and trying to steal people food!