Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More sparkly

Feeling more sparkly this week. Even the music on the radio was SO much better on my drive yesterday. Here's what I chose to actually listen to (and not pass by):

  • Island in the Sun – Weezer
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears (one of my all-time favorite bands and this song will always remind me of moving to California)
  • I Can Dream About You – Dan Hartman
  • Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC (Yes I went through a rowdy "get-back-at-Mom-by-playing-loud-music" phase in High School thanks to my cousin Nina)!
  • Angel of Harlem – U2
  • Angels Want to Wear My Read Shoes – Elvis Costello (Very infectious)
  • She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5
  • Devil Inside – INXS (I have a hard time listening to these guys now that Michael is gone but today I listened)
  • Got to Get You into My Life – Earth, Wind & Fire (Have loved these guys since I first heard "September" which is still one of my all time favorite songs)

Despite lack of sleep due to the girl waking up at 3 am pretty much every night trying to get a bad dream out of her head, it is still a pretty sparkly week thus far. We are working on ways to rid baby girl of her Scooby-Doo monster tractor dream (including NO MORE WATCHING SCOOBY-DOO for awhile!)

Why am I feeling more sparkly? Hmmm.

A) Less complete and total kidlet meltdowns (so far),

B) Me being better able to deal with the few meltdowns that have occurred,

C) The girl having a breakthrough in her seperation anxiety manifested as I don't like big father kinda guys (not including her own),

D) The boy enjoying school and doing his homework and having play dates after school 2 times,

E) Me having a little Mama time to myself


F) My wonderful friend Robbi Robb (speaking of reminiscing) likening me to "a pure diamond among cloudy ones, crystals and pieces of broken glass" (back at'cha mister!) For info on Robbi and his music, go to http://www.robbirobb.com/

And all my sparkly feelings are despite realizing I have my very own Junie B. Jones in my house. If you aren't already familiar with Junie B., you should check out this precocious kindergartner's books (especially those on tape)... she is quite funny even for us adults. However, these are the props my daughter used to reenact the scene in which Junie B. climbs on top of the refrigerator and later makes her own breakfast of cereal and orange juice!

And by the way, Junie B... please let the cat out of the homework doing machine! Pleeeeeeeaaaaase!

Wishing you a sparkly week too. More soon.

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  1. love love love all the music choices....