Thursday, January 18, 2007


The sun is coming up on a new day (and a school day at that -- just starting two hours late)!

For those of us who remember snow days (and the possibility of them) as a fond memory of our childhood, and are now on the parenthood side of this equation, you'd probably agree:

a) It is great to share in the excitement of waking up to the news of a SNOW DAY, to spend time together sledding, building snow people, throwing snow balls, snuggling up with warm cocoa, a book, and yes even a movie or two...


b) Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Extended snow days can shine a bright light on a classic parenting dilemna -- the joy of sharing special times and making special memories with your littles ones all together as a family is wonderful, but stretches the parenting brain to its limits of creativity to figure out just what the heck to do with all that together time?

PS ... Thanks to everyone who shared their great ideas for keeping boredom away after so many days at home. I really wanted to take Norma's advice and make stained glass hearts out of crayon and wax paper but the kids weren't having it. We did cook the last batch of dough we had into a few more cookies which are now all gone. The kids didn't care but I for one enjoyed the Hawaiian vibe at (thanks Cathy) and the girl enjoyed making and floating paper boats with her Dad (until hers sunk)! And thanks to Kristin for the idea of popping bubble wrap - we had to pass however because the last time the kids did this activity, it scared our dog so bad she went out in the backyard and refused (and I do mean REFUSED) to come back in!

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  1. We did pretty good, played with friends at the park both Tuesday and Wednesday, hubby made crusty onion bread(a tradition started when we were REALLY stuck 3 years ago in the ice storm), and took nice long baths and showers, aaahhhhhh!

    Today, however has been my planned "day of pampering". Although I got to do the main things I wanted, it all had to be crammed it into a shorter time frame!

    P.S, We love the video with Sinead O'Connor singing back up!