Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Snow day #3...

7 days home with the kids ...

and counting!


  1. Hang in there. Build a blanket fort? Make Valentines? Crayon & wax paper stain glassed hearts to hang in the windows? Bake cookies? Go for a long walk to tire the kids? Have a great day~ Norma.

  2. Good grief! Don't tell my kids, cause they'd be so jealous!

    Are you really stuck in the house? Roads impassable? We had a stretch of yucky weather and took the kids to an indoor pool and bowling.

    If you're stuck inside: Make homemade playdoh; make pretzels in animal shapes; tune in to and dance the hula;
    Get out the beach towels, put on Lilo and Stitch and have a beach party; find some easy, kid friendly science experiments on the web; make and float paper boats in the tub.

    Anne made a really cool decoration for Christmas by taking several old photos and construction paper. Sort of like scrapbooking, but only one page so it kept her attention. She drew and colored around the photos.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Just think, if you can survive this, you can survive anything! :-)

    I like the crayon and wax paper heart idea...I used to LOVE making those!

    How about a treasure hunt?

  4. Is it horrible to say that I'm a) relieved I live in California where we don't have snow days, and b) relieved that mine's 18 now, and I can just turn her out into the cold, cruel world without a second thought (but haven't yet, because, hey, isn't that her stuff on my couch?)?

    7 days. At home. With two kids. You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.


  5. Kristin1/17/2007

    we had a sick day last week and found that sheets of bubble wrap (especially the tiny bubbles) when laid out on the floor in a race track style was quite fun (for mother and child and dog too!). You run on the wrap in your bare feet and pop pop pop. Enjoy! Hope it makes your goofy days more fun!