Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow day redux

We don't normally get snow around these parts, not very often that is... and now well... woke up this morning to yet another snow day and unforecasted SNOW!!! Now frankly,

After a snow day,

followed by a sick day,

followed by a weekend,

followed by a holiday,

and now another snow day...

we were starting to get a bit goofy, grumpy and stir crazy. Luckily our sanity was saved today by a couple of things:

  1. Kidlet play date (with 3 friends) for about 2 hours,

  2. Sledding in the front yard and helping Dad get up the driveway with a little sandbox sand maneuver,

  3. Both Mom and Dad being home on snow days of their own,
  4. A trip to the video store for Dora & The Magic School Bus,

  5. A bath for Mama (and some reading about spirited children),

  6. A shower for papa and time to just sit still and look at the snow,

  7. And some excellent Ratatouille that the kids wouldn't eat, despite piling black olives and cheese on top (oh well you can't have it all)!

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings (or maybe I can)!

PS - it is bringing ANOTHER SNOW DAY!

Mama is gonna have to get REALLY creative. Any quick, easy and fun indoor activities to keep away stir-craziness welcome! I'm sure there's about a bazillion other snow-bound parents who will be looking too.


  1. Kristin1/17/2007

    Hi Sue, we had a sick day last week and found that sheets of bubble wrap (especially the tiny bubbles) when laid out on the floor in a race track style was quite fun (for mother and child and dog too!). You run on the wrap in your bare feet and pop pop pop. Enjoy! Hope it makes your goofy days more fun! Kristin

  2. Thanks for the idea Kristin... however bubble wrap popping scares the heck out of our BIG labrador retriever - she's kind of a weenie.