Monday, January 15, 2007

Think pink?

Given that I'm in a woman's group and that I have a daughter who is turning four years old as well as three nieces to be born (and knitted for) this Spring, I've been doing some thinking about gender, girls and well ... of course ... PINK.

Frankly it is difficult at best to tell where gender roles begin, but I believe more of it has to do with what we "put on" our children through our societal messages and norms than with what happens or comes naturally to them from inside the womb.

And while we are talking pink, I'd like to make a point of clarification on my views:

  • I had a pink and white gingham girlie bedspread that went with my pink room and all my pink stuff as a young girlie...

  • I have a daughter who is about to turn four years old and while she has plenty of toys and clothes which are blue, gray, green, purple and other assorted colors -- trust me -- she has her share of PINK too (and loves it).

  • I never said I wouldn't allow my girlie to have her pink phase or enjoy the color, what I did say (and still say for the most part) is that there is no need to gussy up a girl baby in pink given they are mostly just baby blobs who really don't have a perception of the color they are wearing or their gender and there is no need to push them down that path too soon. So... I did avoid pink with my girlie when she was little and still do when given the chance, but when she chooses it - I let her.

In terms of those three little girls who are coming my way and who I am feverishly knitting for... Think pink? Think again! :-)


  1. What three little girls are coming your way?????

    My daughter wore pink as a baby. One of the downsides to adopting a baby girl is that everyone wants to buy cute little pink things for her and only cute little pink things. At her baby shower I think I got one or two items that were not pink clothing! OK, maybe I'm exaggerating. But if her mom's favorite color is purple, you'd think someone would buy adorable purple things for her.

    And can you believe that same baby, dressed in pink and flowers was mistaken for a boy in Walmart? Alas.

    Now, there's still lots of pink in her closet, 11 years later. And pink is a color that looks fantastic on her. Her outfit of choice, though, is a pair of jeans, one of her many white t-shirts and a yellow hoodie sweatshirt.

  2. I've thought of this many times. Have I influenced my children in this area? I have a girlie girl too and one wall of her room is fucia but that is her choice. Her new color of choice is blue though and I'm jumping at that. Light blue, dark blue, tuquoise...I don't care what shade. I'm there. I'm a little over the whole pink thing.

    Ben likes pink too but his color of choice is green. Apple green. I like it. A lot. He likes red too.

    First grand child due in February- a granddaughter. Their colors of choice for her are black and white with a touch of chartreuse and butter yellow. I'm embracing that wholeheartedly and making everything in those colors.

    I'm so glad to see so many other choices for girls besides pink. Fun bright colors. Good choice on the yarn. You'll have to teach me to knit someday. I've tried on my own but I'm not a good teacher.