Monday, February 19, 2007

I Heart Knitting

O.K. I have to finally admit it... I apparently love knitting (no pun intended but, I'm hooked - oh wait that would actually be crochet). Either way... just days ago I was swearing I was gonna take a knitting break (my kids would be thrilled), but now I'm wandering around the house looking for a project, feeling odd without an excuse to sit down and knit and purl a few rows. I've also discovered that I don't hate the sewing seams part as I'd once believed. I actually enjoyed the process of sewing up the recent baby gifts and am making a resolution to sew up the multiple incomplete projects that litter the landscape of our home... a sweater for hubbie that is going to end up being mine (don't worry I'll eventually make him one that actually fits HIM), a purse, a vest. And trust me... it's about time. That sweater was my hubbie's Christmas gift the year before this one! Ee gad.


  1. don't even get me started. I still have someone's wedding quilt. The top is sewn. The layers I assembled the day I went into labor with my almost 3 year old and it's still not finished!

  2. Yup... it is a common affliction this not-quite-finishing a project-itis. I have a cross-stitch downstairs somewhere that I started when I wasn't quite ready for knitting - during one of my pregnancies. There's also the adorable concept of a baby quilt made of squares that friends and family made at the baby shower for our boy... the pieces are still in a bag downstairs and I even tried to convince Grandma she wanted to put it together but so far nope. Don't get me started on the fact that we didn't even try it for the girl (suppose we will have to if we finish the boy's). At least if we ever get bored (yeah right), we know we'll have something to do!