Monday, February 19, 2007

First flowers

Anyone else feeling rainy and drainy and ready for spring? These are the very first flowers in my garden this year (and something's already munched on them)!

I may be feeling droopy but always feel better after a computer love letter from my baby girl (who is getting over a nasty ear infection)! Aaaah love does conquer all (or at least some).


  1. I was pleasantly surprised this weekend to discover that I hadn't actually pulled up all the bulbs in my front yard last year, like I thought I had. We had this great plan - I was going to pull out all the bulbs, we were going to relandscape, and then the bulbs would all go back in different places. Well, the landscaping plan was delayed a year, and the bulbs all rotted while waiting to be replanted. I was SO disappointed. But, we had a few crocuses make their appearance, and I missed some tulips too, so that made me happy!

  2. I have two smaller flower beds in front and a large one in back. The flower beds in front are ok. Still too cold here for anything other than the tips of crocuses to pop up.

    But in back, alas, the 50 some bulbs I planted this fall are gone. What the squirrel failed to dig up, the sewer company trashed. They decided that there was a buried manhole in my backyard, ripped out my roses, dumped out my topsoil and bulbs. They actually did put my flower bed back together (sort of), but the heavy red clay is back on top and the bulbs are underneath 3 feet of soil/clay/rock. Alas. If you have pictures of pink and red tulips and daffodils, please post them so I can imagine what my garden would have looked like. (especially the daffodils. They're my favorite.)