Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Favorite toys

I could drone on and on about the cough medicine that was supposed to help me sleep but kept me awake instead or the cat greeting me by vomiting on the couch I was attempting to rest on... but I'm trying to be perky and positive today (well... at least positive, perky will probably require more sleep).

So this morning I'm focussing on the fact that a 3:30 a.m. rising time allowed me to finally get a good long shower (and lose my rasta hair) as well as affording me some quality Lego building time with the boy. We worked together on building a dungeon and a tower. I've been thinking for awhile that my young prince needs and requires more of my undivided attention and voila... after our impromptu playdate this morgan (my Dad used to say that and I like carrying on the tradition), the boy had this to say at breakfast (besides how much he loves his sister! What?):

"Mama. My favorite toy is YOU!"


  1. 'Rasta hair'-too funny. Curly girls TOTALLY relate! My hair is especially curly today and my husband says "Woe, did you curl your hair today?" HELLOOOOO?? As if....MEN!

    What a wonderful gift from your son!!! Get well!!

  2. What a sweet thing for him to say!

    Hey - does this mean I might actually get to see your smiling face today?