Monday, February 05, 2007

Which way?

Went for a walk with my boy the other afternoon (sort of a date) and we took pictures while walking around the block in our neighborhood. These are a couple of my favorites... I'll share a couple of shots he took when we manage to download them (from our old camera) and I get his permission as the artist (of course)! Noticed this fabulous weather vane just a couple of houses away from our own (never noticed it before) and it got me to thinking tonight. Which way to go?

Every time I think I'm getting my bearings as a parent, I feel I or we veer off course. Maybe that's normal, but I wouldn't know. I hear tales about "normal" fairly easy to manage children who don't throw tantrums or lose their temper over the tiniest of frustrations, but these children I do not know -- these children I do not parent.

In thinking about where things are going, tonight I must say: I'm worried about the world, my son, my daughter, my mother too... but I also have some hope. Gotta have hope. And I've got something else (which I have to remind myself when I'm not feeling as though I'm good enough ... just... gotta... keep ... trying to .. do.. my.. best... 'cause):

I LOVE MY KIDS and MY FAMILY and MY MAMA too. As John Lennon and the Beatles once said, "All you need is love." Spread the love and do what you do from love whenever you can and when you aren't feeling overwhelmed! Don't forget to love yourself.

And don't forget to check out my Etsy shop (DID finally get it set up although only limited inventory currently) if you are so inclined. Pssst... there is a link up in the upper right corner of this site! Have hope and have love.

With love,
Mama Zuzi


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  2. I take it kbeeps found my etsy shop after all but if anyone is still wondering... it is at: Again not much there yet. Hoping to put up a few more things this week. If people LOVE something that isn't there, I'm always up for special orders.

  3. Good for you!!! You'll do great with your photos!!!

  4. Thanks Norma! You are officially my greatest fan and thus far my only client! Thanks truly for being my first order. You rock. Do you mind if I post a pic of your 1x1 you gave me at some point soon on my blog?

  5. I don't know about you, but I have perfect children, always perfectly behaved. For instance there is no incessant bickering in the bathroom about who got there first. The 9 (almost 10!) never tackles anyone on the way up the stairs. No, never. Never dumps the entire Lego box out and then insists the baby did it. Nope. The baby never throws a tantrum and flings things or kicks at his mama. Nope. The 11 year old definitely has not become a world-champion eyer-roller at the horrors inflicted on her by her parents (like setting the table--egad!!)

    yeah. right.

    Day by day, honey. Day by day.


  6. Yes it is truly day by day... some are good, others not so much. Can any of yours throw an hour or longer tantrum?

  7. I don't think any of them has lasted an hour. PJ has sure tried, though!

  8. Just remember little ole me when you become famous and in high demand. :) Yes you can take a picture of my 1x1. You'll make it look wonderful!!!