Friday, March 09, 2007

All the pretty ponies

Woke up and played pony-ville with the girl this Friday morning while the boy continued to sleep. The boy has been wanting a pony for about a month or so (his very own) but I think he knows that is unlikely. The stint in pony-ville was fun but reminded me of an article I read about peak oil and going green and getting a horse for transportation (but only if you have enough land to grow its food)... and I got to thinking of my frustration trying to figure out just what future to plan for, what to expect for my kidlets, what to prioritize and what to chuck. One group of folks envisions us in flying cars much like the Jetsons with talking hyper-efficient appliances and every luxury technology can muster.

On the other side of the coin are those envisioning us all making our own clothes, bartering for everything, gardening every spare piece of land and living with as many people as we can fit in our home in order to keep it from being foreclosed. I don't know about you, but I do believe that things are changing and that we need to step up. I get frustrated at seeing women in Chanel sunglasses driving their Hummer down the street as if it isn't discordant and excessive given the current state of the world and I lean toward the belief that we will not be living the technological high life in 2020.... but where is the reality? Should I plan for my kids to go to college or take that money and put it into our mortgage to save the house or get off the grid? Can't buy a pony in the city so we'll have to upgrade our bikes and buy a bus pass. Anyone else have a sense that they know what's coming?

And on a completely seperate note... I was just remembering back when a weekend meant inordinate amounts of time to do whatever I pleased (or so it seemed). I don't know about other mamas and papas of course, but I find I move toward weekends with excitement for the possibilities and trepidation as I realize just how much I want to get done and just how unlikely that is... this weekend I was hoping to begin revamping the kids' bedroom, cut down a big old shrub and begin replacing it with a new garden bed, finishing book marks and photo card orders and finally getting my budget done so we can look at where our money should (and should not) be going. And then of course I have been wanting to try making my own paper (to aid in recycling) for fun and maybe for use with my photo cards. Somehow looking at it in writing, it seems well... overly ambitious.

What are you planning ... for the future and for this weekend? Do tell.


  1. Tonight-going to church to clean. our care groups turn. Sewing a baby blanket for a baby shower I can't go to tomorrow.
    Saturday- taking the car in at 8:00 for oil change and brake check before our road trip. 10:00 meeting with elaine to craft-YEAH!, cleaning when I get home and turning in Girl Scout cookie money.
    sunday- church, helping with a sunday school teacher appreciation luncheon, bible study then starting to pack for road trip.

  2. Where to begin? Well, first of all, I have to figure out how to remember to pull up my zipper when I wear pants. For the past few weeks, I've been off in a haze. I've put my t-shirt on backwards and inside out a few times. They say this is a sign of genius in some people, but for me, I think this is exhaustion, which also comes from thinking about the future wayyy too much. So much so, its depressed me, and I have to stop thinking about it so much. I wish we could all ride ponies to work, school, market. That would be wonderful! But alas, doubtful. Weekends have become like any other part of the day except that the husband is around more than usual, which is nice.

    I hope to see your paper soon ;D

  3. This past weekend, basketball season ended for the two big kids. PJ's team ended on a win--YAY! Anne's team won the first game of their tournament--YAY--made it to the championship round where they lost. So last night was teary, despite consolation pizza.

    Since basketball is over we WERE looking forward to a weekend with nothing much in it...until this morning. An e-mail announced one of the spring sports scheduled a practice for Saturday morning at 7:15. I don't think I can post the words that express my dismay. So much for going to the St. Patrick's Day parade or loafing around.

  4. I lived across the street from people who had horses when I was a kid and since we lived in a dead end next to a woods we got to ride bareback through trees with wind blowing in our hair...not much beats that as an adult, much less as a kid.

    I had my very own horse for 20 years (got her when she was 7, a retired racehorse and kept her until she died at 29--with the exception of 3 years while at college that another woman had her). She was my very best friend in the world and allowed me to discover a talent and success that I'm not sure I've fully discovered sense. It contributed greatly to my self esteem as a child.

    My coworker has just adopted her neighbors 17 year old horse because the people moved away and couldn't sell it. It isn't rideable but you and your kids are certainly welcome to visit him with me someday when you want to take a trip to St. Helens!