Sunday, March 11, 2007

Grocery grind

Is anyone else sick of the weekly grocery grind? I'm so tired of trying to figure out each week nutritional and interesting things for my family to eat (and things that the kids will eat, not just the adults). Everything has to be fairly easy but healthy. We try like heck to get vegetables into these squirts of ours, but unless it is the new V8 juice that they don't realize is 1/2 veggies, it is a chore.
Thanks to my friend Karen who sent this great link on getting kids to eat their veggies (besides V8) it is also available in the comments to this post. Thanks Karen -- I LOVE IT.

Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack... My kids are so picky these days, it is hard to fathom. I almost fell over this evening 'cause the girl asked for "hot dogs." She got them in the form of veggie dogs in baked beans (an old standard in our day) but she wasn't having it. She ate her dog seperately along with some corn and called it a night.

To our amazement, the boy said the following: "These weanies'n'beanies are SOOOOOOOO yummy!" We gave him a high five!" You take it where you get it!

And by the way... speaking of technology (as I did in my last post I believe), I am writing this after succumbing for the 2nd time to online grocery shopping (maybe it is #3 or 4 as we did it when our son was first born and had it delivered to our door). Hadn't done it since but ... with our crazy schedules it seems to be great to order tonight and have the hubby pick up manana! Plus I am glad to be able to order online when I can have a large selection of organic and locally grown. Even if it does cost us a few bucks extra.

Anybody else ever grocery shop online?


  1. No online shopping for me because I'm too tight but if I could, I would in a heart beat!!! Enjoy~~

  2. I'm pretty tight myself but more on time it seems... also we've found that New Seasons hasn't been as expensive when we shop carefully online. Happy going-to-meet-grandbaby week.

  3. I've often thought of online grocery shopping, but the only store over here where I can do it is Safeway and their prices are just too high for me.

    As for the veggies, most parents I hear from say you have to just sneak them in whereever you can - shredded carrots and zucchini in spaghetti sauce (they kind of melt into the sauce), stuff like that. here are some ideas...

  4. groceries is not one task I mind so much. I go with the baby and we usually have a good time. Did I tell you about our first foray in big boy underwear? At the grocery. Totally slipped my mind that he was in undies and not a pull-up. Halfway through the grocery, I put him back in the basket (he was walking and "helping") and zoomed the rest of the way around. He made it home dry! What a relief.

    now bathroom cleaning...that's one I detest!

  5. I did use when i had Franklin. It was great to have the food come right to the door. I think it's a great idea for the foods we need everyday. I may look into it again!

  6. I don't have to worry about feeding my kids veggies...but a little something different with some rice milk in it and the dog will eat anything, wink wink.

    As far as the online shopping goes...just this week I signed up for organics-to-you where once a week they will deliver me a bin filled with veggies for many a stir fry, salad, sandwich additives, etc. At first I didn't like the idea of a truck delivering my veggies but then realized that one truck delivering groceries to many makes more sense than many people going to the store multiple times to continually pick up fresh veggies. I think the price will actually end up being cheaper than if I bought it at the store. Plus, I have the hardest time talking myself into buying fresh stuff at the grocery so this way it will show up at my door!

  7. Oh yes. Until the vegetable garden gets going, I order through Pioneer Organics... they deliver! plus, they have other items as well as organic produce.... coffee, bread, pasta, snacks...