Wednesday, March 14, 2007


with energy savings by line drying our laundry in our basement (thanks to the previous owners of our house for hanging the wire),

and seeing just how close I could get to our favorite back yard squirrel as he rests in his favorite spot... closer...

And c l o s e r...

C .. L .. O .. S .. E .. S .. T!

Also experimented with taking the bus to see the boy for lunch (which the girl and I did successfully). Once at school we got to see the boy experimenting with pretend weddings. First grade, first crush (maybe). I can't keep up lately... one week it's kickball, the next marriage!

ALso experimenting with a few new photo cards for the Etsy shop... so check back soon.


  1. Cute squirrel!

    I'm SO looking forward to finally having a clothesline this year! If we had a basement I would have had one down there long ago. But, I have one off the new shed, and it's a high-tech feat of engineering custom designed by hubby. Seriously, it looks like powerlines, with tension setters and everything. But at least I know it's not going anywhere!

    Now, I just need a little sun...

    I'm toying with the idea of buying a washboard, for use in case of emergencies, disasters, lengthy power outages, etc. I know you can use a toilet plunger (clean, of course) to serve agitation purposes, but a washboard will be necessary for a really good scrubbing.

    Does that make me amazingly odd, or what?

  2. Never thought of hanging laundry in our basement. Only a small portion is concrete floor so it would have to be a small load. Something to think about though.
    New website I think you'll like.
    Just up your alley.