Saturday, March 17, 2007

More signs of spring...

Everywhere I'm noticing more signs of spring on its way: watching our bleeding heart come back to life, monarch sightings, sparrows beginning their nests... that plus our to-do list with it's spring cleaning, spring refurbishing/decorating and now garden and yard work too!
Another task on my personal to-do list is to update my Etsy Shop with some new individual cards very soon -- if not this weekend, then probably next week. Hope you'll check back.


  1. And what a lovely spring-like weekend it was! We got our garden in, yay! The compost store was hopping on Saturday, that's for sure!

    On my personal to-do list? Bookmarks. Seriously. What's up with me???

  2. Too busy gardening to do book marks - darn ya! Want to come help with mine? Seriously... I'd feed you! The boy could use a few more book marks now that he got at least 10 new Magic Tree House books for his birthday!!!

  3. Well, I have one ready for him (just not laminated), plans for another (just have to put it together), and I'm formulating my idea for the third...