Monday, March 19, 2007

Feeling swarthy

I find that after a weekend where I've had little time for myself, I'm pretty swarthy.

Time spent sprucing up outdoors at preschool, preparing for and enjoying the boys' 1st pirate birthday party, spending time with relatives getting ready for newborns, and raking leaves with 6 & 7 year old sunday schoolers is all time well spent, but lack of mamatime makes me feel a bit like walking the plank (as does enforcing the rules around the new pirate sword in the house)... but instead I'm off to pick up the groceries! Yarrrrr.

How does this Monday morning find you?


  1. Feeling a little frazzled...typical Monday morning. Just another day in a busy week...

  2. Feeling better today. Annoying migraine yesterday but didn't let it keep me down. Spent the day at my brother-in-law's property out in the hills. Day of hiking and riding horses. Took a nap in the SUN!!! A little toasted today but I'm good with that. The sun was worth it. :) Today I'm going for a pedicure. I love vacations!

  3. It's Tuesday now. Does that tell you how Monday was?

    I'm not sure I'd walk the plank...more like a high dive off the end, preferably into warmish Caribbean waters!

    That cake sure does look yummy!