Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Brand new

Ahhh the smell and feel of a brand new baby. And we got two! Can you tell. -- my twin nieces have arrived! Holding bitty babies feels a bit foreign these days. I'm more used to elbows in the face and accidental knees in the stomach than sweet sound sleeping little bundles of joy.
By the way, the amorphous looking pink blob above is actually a precious little mary jane bootie that I've been wanting to knit for awhile. First there were no girlies to knit for, then I couldn't make it work and got caught up in other things. Nothing like holding a new baby to give you inspiration (I knitted this one last night after the kids were in bed). It should look better once I stitch it together (oh and make the other one - actually make that three).

What else is new for Mama around here?
A wave of depression for some reason or another. Not sure why since I'm VERY excited about the new nieces. New babies bring thoughts of possibility and joy, dirty diapers and unfolding personalities. They are cute and they don't talk back (unlike a 4-year old). I think maybe just maybe this Mama is struggling a bit with the realities of our schedule and temperaments on our family life. I love my kids, they are great and I enjoy them so very much. But around here, we are definitely past the cute baby phase and we are not the Cleavers (nor would we want to be). We luckily aren't the Osbornes either, but there is room for improvement. Ahhh the rites of spring: house cleaning, new plants sprouting, new birds nesting, new babies arriving ... and a chance to improve.
When you were growing up (or) with your kidlets now, where does your family fall on the spectrum... Cleavers on one end, Osbornes on the other? And what would you most like to improve?

Welcome to the world baby girls!


  1. Sigh....I definitely know we're not the Cleavers and sometimes I feel like we're the Osbornes but thankfully the feedback I get is not close to being the Osbornes. I'm told we do a great job and all our kids are wonderful at heart so I think it's just our unrealistic ideas of what family should look like.

    I know I spend a lot of time thinking about what family should look like instead of just being in the moment of family and that's my biggest challenge. Need to find balance. I know when I have it because there's no guilt even if it's been a bad day. Not all days are good so as long as I am 'doing' and not just 'thinking' then for me that brings peace.

    Have I told you lately I love reading your thoughts? I do!!

  2. Not Cleavers or Osbornes.

    With my older 2, we are working on greater personal responsibility. Getting them to (cheerfully) pitch in and help where they can. Stop laughing hysterically; I really mean it!

    Since the baby has experienced far too many transitions lately (move to big-boy bed, potty training and giving up the pacifier), I think he's maxxed out on change for a while. Happily, giving up the binky, he's become quite a little chatterbox with many spectacular tales to tell!

  3. Not the Cleavers or the Osbornes, probably more like the Conners (from Roseanne's show). I really identified with that show when it came on the air! And my dad HATED it, which I always figured was because it hit a little too close to home... :-)