Friday, April 27, 2007

The best things in life

are definitely free. Today I count as bestest things the following:

  • No girlie tantrums, not even me :-),
  • Driving the big black benz filled up with .99 biofuel and the sunroof open,
  • Hearing my kids cracking each other up,
  • Watching the kids chase light reflected on the wall by CDs,
  • Seeing that the slugs haven't eaten my newest garden plantings,
  • Finally exercising to a video I can do,
  • Getting flowers from the hubby and the girl,
  • A glass of wine in a quiet house with everyone else reading bedtime stories upstairs,
  • Knowing that someone is investigating Karl Rove for something,
  • and the boy saying that TURN OFF THE TV week was SOOOOO fun that we should do it again next week!
Looking forward to a weekend filled with:

  • Someone elses 7-year old birthday party,
  • T-ball in the sunshine,
  • Time in the garden and hopefully someday painting my bedroom!

Happy weekend - what are you happy for right now?


  1. Kristin4/28/2007

    A little rain for the desert. My girl going to her grandparents giving us a much needed night off. A hike planned for Sunday.

  2. For a healthy family.
    For sunshine.
    For a clean house.
    For God's covering.

  3. Good times with good friends.

    Finally having the front yard planned and underway.

    Putting up and using my clothesline for the first time.

  4. Tee ball in the sunshine :)