Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Waiting to exhale

O.K. I'm sure there are lots of mamas who can commiserate with this scenario (which I greatly dislike -- trying to get the kids to less frequently say "hate"):

Leave work. Thirty minute drive home including stop by the store to get new tooth brushes (recommended since the hubbie was also diagnosed with Strep Throat this afternoon). Can it be far from my time? Cross your fingers. Also picking up some beverages for the big people who are feeling the need for a little relaxing drink about now. Then home only to find out that the girl is poopy but refuses to be changed until she accompanies me to yet another store to get Pull-Ups... NO she won't wear underwear and NO NO she won't wear brothers Good Nites either - thank you very much. So off to the store we go... We get Pull-Ups (with princesses on them), new tooth brushes for the kids (which the earlier store didn't carry), and popsicles (requested by the big man with the sore throat). Go home (still having not eaten dinner) -- now 2 hours after leaving work -- only to have to deal with changing said poopy girl who is now in pain, disseminate medicine, finally grab a couple of microwaved chicken nuggets and a glass of wine while getting a headache and getting ready for bed after paying the one bill that I had to deal with today. Ahhhhh.... now I can maybe, just maybe mind you, breath.

Inhale, exhale, go to bed and start fresh tomorrow although it is unlikely to be normal given the sick papa and potentially moving-toward-sick mama? Let's hope not.


  1. No illness here, but I can totally relate. Stopped to buy Easter candy on the way home. Store looked ransacked. Picked up the baby from hubbie, who was with the big kids at sports practice. Got home gobbled dinner down. Realized I had failed to buy the assigned chips for the baby's pre-school spring party today. Big kids get home from sports. Everyone cycles through tubbies/showers. Think everything is going ok and #1 son says, "I had a horrible day and now my fish died!" So then I had to deal with children grieving loudly over a betta fish I didn't think they had even noticed was living in our house. "Don't flush him!" they screamed. So clad in t-shirt and shorts I had to run outside in 30 degree weather and bury the betta in the flower garden (that the sewer company STILL hasn't fixed). Finally kids were in bed, teary but not sobbing, laundry was humming, trash collected, mama with a relaxing drink and an old movie.
    Hope yours are feeling better soon!

  2. My latest dilema is how to get both the girl and the boy to NOT argue EVERY time I ask/tell them to do something. To not question EVERYthing I say to them. It's so frustrating and I'm running out of ideas and patience. Does your books have any suggestions?

  3. Oh yes my books have suggestions. Maybe I'll try to get to that next. I try to stay out of it as much as possible (between them) but step in when it is getting intractable. I usually take whatever the issue is away and hold it until they/we can come up with a compromise/solution that works for everyone. I'm right there with you. Let's talk.