Thursday, April 05, 2007

What's a mama gonna do?

Every morning as I routinely make my coffee (oops I think we are out for tomorrow - arrrrrgh... oh I digress sorry) and then habitually check my e-mail and end up being on the computer until I hear the pitter patter of little feet coming downstairs after a long night's slumber, I think there's probably a wiser more enlightened way to "do" our mornings.

And so I was intrigued and dare I say a little worried at how close to home the following piece of advice came to us... the advice coming from one Mimi Doe, Mimi Doe is the founder of and the award winning author of, "Nurturing Your Teenager's Soul" and "Busy But Balanced."Mimi's free newsletter, Spiritual Parenting, has over 50,000 subscribers from around the world.Sign up on the website:

Here is some of this month's enlightened advice from Mimi:

How do your typical mornings begin? The launch into our days, when we approach it mindfully, can have a powerful impact. If you would like your morning to vibrate on a more peaceful note, look for how you might shift your routine. If it means making lunches and lying out children’s school clothes the night before, do so. Try getting up 15 minutes earlier than you usually do. Play music and light some candles rather than turning on the bright kitchen lights and flipping on the television news. Encourage your children to eat their breakfast slowly, and to bring themselves gradually into the new day.

It's amazing how, with a little thought, a normally chaotic morning with everyone rushing out the door, can become a calm, soothing experience. Try bringing your awareness to each task tomorrow morning, approaching the activities with a relaxed body, mind, and spirit. Your child will catch your pace and make it her own. She will begin her new day a bit more centered and a lot more relaxed.

And so... another nudge from the universe acknowledged. And while all I want to do tonight is drink my glass of wine, snuggle under a blanket to watch "Grey's Anatomy", wash my hair and hit the hay, what I'll do instead is see how much of the kid's clothes I can set out, prepare breakfast to a point (so the big white mooching labrador retriever doesn't eat it during the night), and think about doing things differently tomorrow. I'll try to get up a wee bit earlier than usual and light some candles, put on some classical music and do some deep breathing, possibly meditation. When the wee ones have gotten up and eaten their breakfasts, I'll pose this question (or something similar): If you could do something to make the world a better place today, what would it be?" I know what my answer will be.

And on a completely seperate note... my mama coping moment of the day kept me from losing my marbles but was decidedly unspiritual. It was incredibly warm and sunny in our area today and the kids were hot and looking for some rainbow sherbet. They got theirs and I got mine (of course mine had the added benefit of a splash of chardonnay)! Sometimes a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do!)


  1. normaa4/05/2007

    Since my mornings are without children, since I leave before they wake up, I'm going to try to make pre-bed time a little more calming by changing our routine and to start it earlier rather then thinking I'm being nice by letting them stay on the computer or watch their favorite show just a few more minutes. I have to be hopeful!!!

  2. So I tried but ended up with two very hyper kids when they woke up (my son got up right when I did). I did light candles and tried for a bit of quiet time. I had laid out the kids clothes and set the table. It all ended up still being mostly chaotic and I checked my email in frustration but I will try again!