Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What'cha thinking about Wednesday?

This last Wednesday in April, I'm thinking about:
  • a new baby niece (Welcome to the world girlie #3),
  • the sunshine outside and wanting to get into the garden,
  • being parent helper at preschool,
  • lack of ocular migraines (thanks to Norma, hubby and multi-vitamins),
  • my daughter doing my makeup (as we speak... no you can't see a photo),
  • what to put in my girl's lunch,
  • flowers to send to school with the boy,
  • how to rid my life of munching slugs and caterpillars,
  • the parallels between our national response to 9/11 and the Virginia Tech tragedy,
  • potty training and kid bedroom mural painting,
  • where to find biodiesel for our new used car and what to wear.

These are the regular daily random thoughts of a Mama in this day and age. What are you thinking about today?


  1. What am I thinking about?
    1. why can't I lose weight?
    2. when will the sink hole in my back yard stop sinking and when is the sewer co. going to finish the "fix"?
    3. Man, that coffee is really good today! and I made it..go figure!

    but the most important of all...

    will we find the time (and money) to spend a few days at the beach this summer??!!

  2. Thankful for my free clothes line I picked up last night from Craigslist ad.
    How much fun me and my sister had picking it up. All the laughing we did.
    The need to put in a garden-pronto-so I can hang clothes and grow our own veggies this summer. What a lovely visual. If I can only make it happen~~
    Appreciating the gerber daisies we received at work. Love the colors and everything about a gerber daisy. They make me smile. :)

  3. What else can go wrong in my day today?

    Why isn't it Friday?

    Can I go home now?

    Why can't we get better office coffee?

    Those are the thoughts going through my mind right now...yep, I'm having a bad morning.

  4. Enjoying the fact that my boss is in a three day training...

    Wondering when my boss is finally going to give me my 6 month review (six months was February 1st)...

    Hoping my sick puppy doggie at home is doing okay unattended...

    Happy that when I get home a Netflix video will be waiting for me...

    About my visit to see my friend in jail tonight and how anxious he seemed for contact with the outside world the other day when he called...

    Annoyed that my lawn already has 4" dandelions even though I mowed them down last Friday...

  5. Nicola4/25/2007

    i save eggshells, crush 'em when dry and sprinkle them around plants. Like razor blades for slugs.
    Right now I'm l thinking:
    why do i never have time to clean the house(that sticky honey smudge is STILL on the floor), have a bath, work on my knitting (sloow process, learning), read my books from the library and sleep! Why do i want to do them all at the same time? Why is it so hard to choose one and not worry about the others? When will i get chickens?