Saturday, May 19, 2007

Feeling groovy...

"Slow down, you move too fast...
gotta make the morning last,
Just kicking down the cobble stones, looking for love
and feeling groovy... "

Anyone remember that song?

Well I do although I can't remember who sang it. But more importantly, I WAS feeling groovy this week when I not only purchased but installed a 5-line retractable clotheline on our garage -- all by myself! I suppose I could have waited for the hubby to do it but I didn't want to be lame and displaying learned helplessness... (and I wanted to dry a load of laundry while it was still sunny out), so I did it myself! And it felt good.

Did I ever think I'd be an advocate for ignoring my conventional laundry dryer for an outdoor and indoor clothesline (nope). Did I ever think I'd cruise around in an 80's Benz with the sun roof open letting others pass me by on the highway (nope to that too)... but do I? Yup I sure do. The thing I think I notice about both of these things, besides that they are definitively better for our environment, is this... they force me to slow down.

They don't help me to get more done more quickly or to rush around. They literally force me to take my time, get out in fresh air and notice things. Be present. That is good for everyone.

This weekend we will be present ... at T-ball, a preschool meeting, at Oregon's NAMI walk (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and everything in between. What helps you slow down and be present - do tell.


  1. Gardening helps slow me down and get out of the house. I too look forward to slowing down with a clothes line. Too bad I didn't realize this priority earlier. :)

  2. Lisashmeesa5/19/2007

    Weeding a flower bed....there is just something cool about being in touch with the earth, something Zen and peaceful. I found this saying the other day "the earth laughs with flowers." Wonderful flowers make me smile. : )

  3. Anonymous5/21/2007

    Simon and Garfunkel , Feelin' groovie :-)

    na na na na na naaaaa feelin' groovie ...

  4. For me, turning off all the electronics forces me to slow down. Otherwise I'm jumping around in all directions, with that high-speed mind of mine!

    I was going to tell you I saw retractable clotheslines at Home Depot yesterday, but I guess now I don't need to! :-)