Monday, May 28, 2007


Sometimes during mamahood, it is hard to know which way to go (but going together with the wee ones is almost always worth it -- although we collectively decided this weekend that the girl shouldn't go hiking again until she turns seven),

Sometimes mamahood means going for substance and simplicity and giving up style (as in the old shelving unit turned toy keeper above... finally gave up on purchasing a beautiful matched set of nine spendy baskets that would fit and opted instead for the multiple and varied plastic containers that have been lingering around our place for years looking for a good purpose. What better purpose than housing cars and planes, ponies and pokemons?)

Sometimes mamahood means being too busy doing and less likely blogging,

Always, mamahood means loving any and all bouquets from the boy!


  1. I've missed your pictures. Glad all is well and congratulations on figuring out how to get a picture in your banner. :)

  2. Glad to be back and taking more pics. Luckily for me, the blogger people came up with a new and easy way to edit a photo into your header, you should check it out!