Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's getting hot around here

With temperatures set to reach nearly 90 degrees today, I'm realizing that we are staring down the face of Summer! Only 2 weeks now and we'll have the kids on our hands with no school for quite some time. Ahhh ... no more carpool scheduling or lunches to pack, no more field trip permission slips or T-ball. Instead there'll be the ability to sleep in and do what we want -- with nowhere the kids have to be. Sounds both delightful and a bit scary. What will we want to do?

What are we gonna do with ALL THAT FREE TIME?

Frankly, I kind of like the idea of some space, slowness and free time together. I'm comfortable with a few weeks of just hanging and taking it easy, seeing what moves us and heading in that direction whether play dates or day trips to local spots. Luckily, the kids are getting to a place where more often than not, they play well together for long stints of time. They actually like and enjoy each other's company (whew)! On the other hand... that is just not gonna last day after day after day after day and so... I'm supposing this Mama should have a plan.

Plan A (currently in the works), includes a few weeks of summer school for the girl and a week at the beach for all of us, so July is looking pretty good. But until then, there's nothing on our docket. Debating about swimming lessons in June and some sort of week long day camp for the boy (if we can find one that looks interesting to him which we can afford - can you say SCIENCE?). I'm certainly not one of those Mamas (yet anyway) that subscribes to the theory that Summer means sending the kids to overnight camps or shipping them off to be with relatives... but how much is enough activity and how much is ... well... just.... NOT?

I'm curious about the thoughts and plans of other parents for those lazy days of Summer with their kids? Got a plan or refuse to make one? -- feel free to weigh in here before it gets too hot.


  1. Trying to talk Ben into soccer. I mean how can I pass up the opportunity for some fun photos for only 5.00? Maya wants (I mean reminds me at least 12 times a day that she really wants)swim lessons. We go to test with the swim director so she can place her in the right class. Maya also has Girl Scout camp for one week in July but other than that I look forward to gardening(kids really want this too), lots of kids at our house and just seeing what each day brings. Lots of library(new library opens this month so our site should slow down a bit)and play time most likely. :)

  2. Kristin5/30/2007

    Since I am working full time, Lilly is in the summer session at school Tue-Fri. Mondays she will be with her grandparents for swimming. We also signed her up for swim lessons in the evenings which she LOVES. Although the weekdays are still jam packed, the weekends are more open which is great. But for us in AZ, where it will be 103 this weekend, we are looking for inside activities (museums, movies, etc). Ironic...