Thursday, May 31, 2007

What to do?

I don't know about other Mamas, but I'm assuming some are entirely organized. You know the type -- all the kid stuff taken care of the night before, TO DO list for the next day ready before they go to bed. Well... if you have been reading this blog for any length of time (or) if you know me at all personally, you'll know that isn't me (although in some ways I'd kinda like it to be).
So for some of you Mamas (and other folks sans child/ren), you will not have a clue what I'm about to say. For others, you'll be right here with me.
This morning, after sending off my school-age boy to one of his last days of 1st grade, I'm home with my daughter until around 1:00 or so. We are looking at about 4 hours of time together and here's my mental dilemna... I know there are things I could, would, should be doing such as
  • cleaning the kitchen
  • reorganizing and straightening up the office once again
  • going to the dentist to pay my bill*
  • going to the DMV to update my driver's license*
  • watering my garden*
  • exercising
  • working on the family budget
  • laundry
What I'm feeling like doing is:

1) blogging
2) knitting

3) trying to figure out how to get my photos on cool t-shirts in a solid and good-looking way that won't fall apart when washed and/or cost a ton,
4) go to a coffee shop with the girl where I could drink iced coffee, knit and think about #3.
Hmmm... the on-going dilemnas of mamahood. Oh that and trying to figure out when to talk to the kids about sex (Today I saw a website recommending at age 8, which buys me a little time although the 7-year old is wanting to know about why different folks have different body parts. Seemed a simple enough question until I attempted to answer it and got myself confused about same-sex relationships related to said body parts). Maybe I really do need a strong iced coffee (or 2) and a long chat with Dr. Ruth!

*** Update: I cross out all things I actually did mange to get done!


  1. Ha! Our 6 year old hasn't asked much about the sex issue(although he has asked me for another baby! eek!) The 11 year old is having "health class" right now, so dad gave him the whole story before. One comment was "gross!" :-)

  2. My parents taught me about sex when I was in the fourth grade by buying me a pop-up book (yes, that's right, a POP UP BOOK), handing it to me, and telling me to ask if I had any questions. I don't recommend that tactic. :-)

    As for being organized, I took a few minutes this weekend to do a couple of things that has really saved me time in the mornings so far this week. My main problem in the morning is hubby's lunch. For some reason, at 5:00 a.m., I just have difficulty pulling it all together, even though he's been taking the EXACT SAME THING every day for over a year now.

    So...I did the following:

    1. Taped a list to the fridge with exactly what goes in the lunch every day, because if I leave something out I hear about it - half sandwich, chips, veggie, banana, string cheese, pepperoncinis, and two pops. You'd think I'd know by now what goes in it, but, like I said, it's 5 a.m.!

    2. Peeled and cut about 10 carrots into sticks, then put them in a tub of water in the fridge. That way all I have to do is grab an handful, shake off the water, and toss them in a baggie.

    3. Broke out the meat slicer and sliced two weeks' worth of sandwich cheese - both pepper jack and cheddar - including the bits that I give to the dogs every morning (they hear the cheese bin and come running). This worked fine for two days, till hubby discovered the slices and swiped them to melt over his after-work burrito.

    So, it's not much, and it only took about 20 minutes to do it all. But it's making my mornings go much more smoothly this week!

  3. Oh, and check with Amy about the shirts next time you see her. She has lots of experience with them...

  4. Karen- TOO FUNNY!!!! I don't think my parents ever taught me anything about sex which is why I ended up pregnant at 17. The hard way to start life but in the end all is well. :) Ben, who is the same age as your boy is not interested in it at all. HE HAS NO any differences and I don't see a need there for a long time. Maya is all about questions and she's 9. I bought her the American Girl book about the body changing, which she BEGGED for, and it's really great. Goes over body hygienge, changes a girl will go thru, skin, hair, nails name it, and it's detailed in cartoonish illustrations so not too real but real enough.

  5. Kristin5/31/2007

    Nothing on the sex question area for my 4 yr old but she does have a very BIG crush on a boy in her class. Poor Noah! As for organization, I am really good about making the list, pretty good at doing things on the list but not necessarily doing them in the correct priority. I "should" be working now.... :) We did get out to school early today but that was because I promised her a poptart at school instead of breakfast at home. Maybe that will work a day a week to get an extra hour in. Who knows..... :)

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  7. My prim and proper Grandmother gave me a book that was illustrated, starting with mice having sex, following by larger and larger animals until it hinted at people (I think). There was no discussion around it. If I had the sex talk with my folks, I don't remember that either. My 4-year old isn't asking about sex per se, but has been quite interested in her parts versus the parts boys have. I'm hoping it will wane after potty training completes...and she has a huge crush on a boy at preschool, while my 1st grader has a mutual crush at school with a 2nd grade. Cute, although I could SOOOOO live without all the "First comes love, then comes marriage chanting I've heard lately - ugh!

  8. I wonder what it would have been like to be given a "sex talk" that included some information about same sex sex. I can't imagine my mother presenting any other option other than the one so many of us got... man and a woman... after marriage... in bed... make a baby...

    I am so hopeful for a better future when I read your blog, and when I see you two with your children.

  9. Oh, thanks for reminding me...I need to go to the DMV yesterday. Why is it they make us pay money when it expires on our birthday? It should be their gift to us! Did you lie about your weight? I remember doing so when I first got mine at age 16 and I plan on continuing the tradition!

  10. Nope didn't lie about my weight although that is a good idea - darn it all. I fessed up to having added 10 lbs since last I'd been there... only time I've ever had to say something like that - hurt a bit I'll tell you.