Monday, May 07, 2007

Surprises are good

Sometimes a surprise can be a very good thing.

Surprise #1:

I realized on Saturday morning when I trekked bright and early to my bus stop in the brisk morning air that I was a wee bit ahead of myself (one-hour early to be exact)! "What now?" I thought. There really wasn't enough time to trudge back home without having to turn right back around so I went right ahead on the bus. When I got downtown way too early to enter my workshop, I walked
around enjoying an entirely different and quiet environment and found an open coffee shop where I partook of a dolce latte and an eggs florentine english muffin and read, read, read (and people watched, although I most enjoyed the dogs)... in short sometimes a mama has to screw up in order to make time for herself... but it worked!

Surprise #2:

Always remember and never forget... your kids can always surprise you (and sometimes even pleasantly). I asked the kids the other night to pick out and lay out their own clothes for the next morning and they did. The surprising part (other than their willingness to do this task without much struggle) was my son... See him above very precisely and planfully folding and refolding, organizing and laying out out his clothes. Turns out he has a TALENT for folding clothes and he LOVES to do it! Who'd have thunk it?

Happy Monday... anything good surprise you this weekend?


  1. Hubby has a bad tooth, painful. Older boy offered suggestions of activities to take his mind off the pain. :-)

    Older boy is thinking outside of himself, this is a good thing!

  2. My surprise this weekend was that my solar garden lights (that my father gave me last summer for my birtday) worked even though I just finally dug them out of the box a year later! They help show off the fern that I transplated!

  3. Elaine you're getting so gardeny!!