Friday, May 11, 2007


... in all the new blooms in my yard while getting over a cold and trying to figure out how and when to pay for: summer school/s, swimming lessons, preschool downpayment for Fall, summer vacation, etc. I thought summer was supposed to be when the living is easy... they never said "Summer, when the living is EXPENSIVE!" And... don't get me started on gasoline (is it up to $4.00/gallon where you are yet?)

What are you trying to figure out as we move towards the summer season?

Hopefully when I'm past this cold and figure out all the above, I can write more lucid thoughts on "looping," what to do with your kids during the summer months, how to live through a vacation with your family and friends along for the ride, how to maintain your sanity while trying to be involved in not one, but two schools at the same time (in our case co-op preschool and elementary too) and sooooo much more. Happy Mother's Day Weekend. Talk to me people... I need to hear someone elses chatter for a change :-)


  1. OOooooooo... AHHHHhhhhhhh....

    So pretty -- this is the payoff for living in such a damp climate. It's like England -- stuff just loves to grow there.


  2. Belinda5/11/2007

    Those are in your YARD?!?!?!Gorgeous!
    Figuring out how to not worry about NOT giving G lessons, classes, activities that cost those dollars you speak of. And figuring out what to do instead. I think we're going to spend a LOT of time at the Zoo (free 'cause Daddy works there). Just spent 1/2 hour looking at baby ducklings, so cute! Also, Crystal Springs Rhodie Garden is free three days a week (I forget which three). Let's go sometime!

  3. I think mostly kids need less classes and activities than we give them... play dates and activities you can do at home (homemade play dough, cooking with Mama, etc.) plus occasional day trips is usually more than enough. Yes let's go to Crystal Springs on a free day this Summer... and/or parks and/or play dates... all good.

  4. Your photos are so SO beautiful. I am so impressed! Happy Mother's day tomorrow!