Saturday, May 12, 2007

As luck will have it

I have mentioned before on this here blog that my mother has a habit of saying, "It's always something." It always irritated me, or that part of me that tries to be an optimist. However, as I continue in my parenting role, I find myself more and more often repeating that phrase, if only to myself (or you all)!

And so yesterday as I was relaxing for a short while upstairs in my bed recouping from the family cold, I also happened to be enjoying an old rerun of "Reba." In this particular episode, for some reason or another, her son-in-law is trying to convince Reba that she is being too negative, that she is in fact an extremely lucky person and that he is lucky to know her.

Little did I know that as I watched this little skit about luck, as luck would have it, my little girl, my dancer, prancer, singer, jumper, climber of a girl, was falling down on the playground and royally scraping up both knees!

Not a surprise when you consider her typical activity levels you might think. And you would be thinking very logically I might add.

The intriguing and maybe not-so-lucky part that you have not yet been made aware of is this: It is now Saturday and the girl is invited to a very exciting birthday party filled with gymnastic activities! Oh boy... the one day she gets to play gymnast is the day her knees hurt enough that she squeaks, eeks and fusses like an old lady ... over her ouchy knees! Ahhh the irony is clear.

For some odd reason, we have a plethora of these kinds of things: sick on holidays and birthdays and the like. Can anyone enlighten me? Is this just a coincidence or is it a family kinda thing? Hmmmmm. Well either way, here's hoping the girl's inner gymnast can rise above the pain and enjoy herself (I'll try to report back) while Alannis Morrisette's "Ironic" runs over and over in my brain! I love that song... but I digress... in the meantime, feel free to share some of your very own ironic moments (come on ... you know you've got 'em)!


  1. Sorry chickie, we're pretty blessed in the health department but I "feel your pain"? Take care.

  2. Ironic moment? That Mother's Day was spent working on a 6th grade project due this week. Whoopee.

    Yes, truly a "mom" thing to do, but hardly the rest and relaxation that I had envisioned for myself.