Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mama's Day

Mother's Day Flowers, soccer and catch on the beach, crab cakes and white wine, children behaving at a fancy restaurant, cookies and coffee...... all good.
Nothing before about 12:30 pm... could be better*
When the girlie says, "Mama is a super star!" ... the BEST!
Every day should be Mama's Day... here's to all you great women out there who've ever been or will ever be a Mama... it changes your life and even though it certainly ain't the easiest job ever invented, it has its rewards and mostly -- it's all GOOD!
*(I know, I know I'm a natural born critic but trying to improve)... but let's face it, what Mama wouldn't like to wake up to a note or a card, flowers or even just a big "HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!" shout out from their young'ins? Now I've just got to come through for the Daddy version.

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