Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Make believe

Sometimes despite our best efforts to teach our children, I think we'd be better off to take a lesson or two from them.

Today as I sit in a foggy haze of Dayquil and caffeine, I'm thinking about make believe -- about how my kids manage to play through just about every sickness (except the ones they sleep off which are few) and the wonderful world of make believe.

I'm thinking of all the talk we adults do about what is wrong with princesses and barbies and pirates and the like. I'm thinking about how sometimes a princess is just a princess, an escape into sparkle and glitter and fantasy. Maybe today I should make believe I'm a princess, that instead of feeling hazy and stuffy, blucky and yucky, I'm glittery and shiny, pretty and ready to dance and spin. Maybe today I should make believe I'm a pirate, ready to take on the high seas (instead of crawling into bed), ready to be swarthy and swashbuckling instead of sleepy and sniffly.

Maybe I should make believe I'm a superhero who can fly above it all and be strong and capable even when I'm feeling little and incapable of much.

In the adult world, I've often heard that if we have a goal, a vision of what we want and hold that in our minds, then we begin to move our actual physical reality in that direction. And so for today, I'm going to meld my adult and childlike self. Today, I'm going to make believe....

What would you like to make believe you are today?


  1. Paris Hilton.

    Stop laughing - I'm serious! Ok, not really PARIS HILTON, but...

    The thought of having a completely life-changing experience that makes you want to take your life in a completely different direction, and having the resources to actually be able to *do* that?

    THAT would be cool.

    Not that I think Paris Hilton is actually going to do anything productive from this experience. That's why I should be her. I'd do it right.


  2. A stay-at-home mom, of course.

  3. Oh I've missed it. What is Ms. Hilton thinking of doing now, feeding the poor?

  4. Oh, I heard on the news at some point that her jail experience had really opened her eyes and she was going to live her life totally differently.

    Like I said, I don't think she's actually going to DO anything about it. Heaven forbid people should learn from their mistakes and try to better themselves.

    She could do a lot of good in this world, instead of being the poster child for celebrity asinine-ness...

    And that's why I want to be Paris Hilton. :-)