Friday, June 22, 2007

A must-y summer day

This morning: Must wake up. Must have more coffee. Must get dressed. Must go to work. Must eat breakfast of some sort. Must keep from getting sick. Must get boy off lap in order to achieve all previous musts.

This afternoon: Must pick up a few things at Trader Joe's if hubby hasn't already. Must try for last minute play date with boy's best friend before she's out of town through July. Might finish and put away ALL laundry (except hubby's)? Must attend final swimming lesson and requisite play session at the park when done. Will eat leftover pizza. Will watch "Mary Poppins." Must go to bed (see keep from getting sick above).

Then this weekend... what's on your plate (as opposed to in your wallet)?


  1. Must clean the kitchen (can you believe we ran out of clean spoons???). Must pick the spinach. Must go grocery shopping for stuff for tomorrow's belated father's day dinner.

    This weekend - BBQ at the farm tomorrow, then moving Grandpa on Sunday and then, who knows???

  2. Yes I can TOTALLY believe you ran out of clean spoons. Recently we've run out of clean plates, bowls, etc. Ugh. Must plant more in garden and pick basil. Guess you can't babysit on Sunday :-)

  3. Husband says:Must pull up stumps in back yard. Must add soil to garden box so I can finish planting summer garden. Must build small retaining wall so I can plant berry bushes. I say:Must stay away from garage sales. DON'T NEED MORE STUFF. Must go to Lowes to buy french doors we saw advertised for our bedroom remodel.

  4. Hey Norma - we just discovered that if you cut the stumps waaaaaay back to the ground and leave them for three years, they rot an you can just dig them out. Easy peasy!

    Your hubby probably doesn't want to wait that long though, huh? :-)

  5. Hey, I run out of forks (generally spoons) and I live alone! Talk about pathetic. This weekend I finally finished organizing the den. Which of course means that now my living room is trashed because whatever didn't fit in the den is now on the floor in the living room. It's a process of moving the junk from one room to the next I guess.