Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Too much thinking

Sustain This!

The strange thing about parenthood in this day and age is the constant intellectual connundrum (in my mind anyway). There are the stark contrasts between an excellent playdate and wondering what kind of future these fun kids are facing.

I find myself wondering if we really are on the precipice of something horrendous or if there is a way to turn things around -- at least to a large degree. Will the status quo still be the status quo 10 or 20 years from now, even five? Will our kids still be able to pursue careers in anything from new car sales to the entertainment business or will everything be different, all focused on survival and sustainability? Will current career paths be mute? Intriguing to ponder but frightening to really focus on...

And so I will no doubt keep doing what I'm doing, trying harder and harder to zero in on what is really important and building a solid foundation for my kids the best way I know how. I'll continue to try to be a better gardener and pursue avenues of sustainability education. I'll help my children to learn about recycling, conservation and the like. I'll ponder a Sustain This t-shirt line (quirky I know but maybe someday it will make sense).

For now I'm gonna take my mama brain and try to let go of all the heavy thoughts, shifting toward the task of getting my kids in the car, returning the Scooby Doo video I allowed them to indulge in and heading to my office for a few more hours of work on brochures, newsletters and press releases before coming back home to focus on my family again.

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  1. Change is inevitable. The status quo today is not what the status quo was 30, 20, even 10 years ago. Yes, things and jobs become obsolete. But at the same time, other opportunities arise and with them come new avenues for exploration.

    My grandparents' generation grew up in a world that never imagined cable, DVDs, disposable diapers.

    My parents' generation grew up in a world that never imagined thumb drives, ipods, computers that you could fit in a briefcase. And yet here we are.

    Even a life focused on sustainability brings new needs, new challenges to be tackled, new excitement.

    The trick is to take it as it comes and enjoy the ride.