Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Been too long

Well it must be Summer... 'cause I looked and its been almost a week since my last post. I've been meaning to write, had plenty of thoughts, taken some pics -- but then just got busy.

Summer is in full swing around here. We are pretty much sleeping in until we get up (which may need to change next week) and taking our time with getting dressed and having breakfast. This is an odd week where we don't have any camps or summer school, no swim lessons, nothing going on at the libraries even -- just entertaining ourselves as best we can and trying to get ready for Grandma's arrival early next week.

I'd been getting into a bit of a summer groove last week (see the homemade strawberry jam above), but then discovered I had a nasty sinus infection which is now being treated (discovery came after myriad painful headaches, throbbing temples and neck and shoulder pain). Now that the meds are beginning to kick in, I want to get back to my garden groove...

In the garden, I need to:
  • Pick more lettuce, pull out spinach that's gone to seed, watch broccoli carefully to harvest before it goes yellow, plant some carrots, possibly corn,
  • Get someone to water our garden a couple of times while we are away on vacation in a couple weeks.

In the kitchen, I want to:

  • Make a spinach salad for dinner this week from all I harvested last week,
  • Make a chicken caesar salad with all the lettuce I have and will harvest this week,
  • Finally make a batch of fresh pesto (see the yummy basil waiting here),
  • Figure out whether to cook, eat raw or store the broccoli that is coming.

Here's hoping your garden is growing tall and your summer is going well.


  1. Anonymous7/03/2007

    I was a little late in getting seeds planted but they all sprouted yesterday. Yay!! Lots of tomatoes and I'm loving it. Yummy raspberries too. :)

  2. Sorry, forgot my name. Norma. :)

  3. How many basil plants did you have this year?

  4. This year I planted 6 basil plants. Should probably get me about 2 batches of pesto eventually or 1 batch (already made) and some frozen for cooking.