Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sweet peas

Happy 4th of July! I could go into a long-winded diatribe about how we need to rescue our country (and in many ways the people are doing that slowly through the Great Turning) from the very politicians who are supposed to protect us and our country, but I choose not to do that today.
I could spend some time talking about how it may be the heat or lack of school that has been causing a great deal of unrest and edginess around these parts. I could go on and on about my daughter (who I lately think of as 4x4 ... since she managed to have 4 tantrums by 4:00 p.m. yesterday) but again I choose not to go there for any length of time.
Instead, I'm going to talk about how amazed I was yesterday when my children actually ate fruit AND veggies (and lots of them)! Amazing stuff that!
FOR LUNCH & SNACK: They munched platefuls of baby carrots and dip.
FOR DINNER: I steamed half the fresh broccoli from the garden and left the other half raw which the kidlets proceeded to eat (again with dip) as half their dinner meal. And the picture above is the most phenomenal thing of all -- I can't keep or freeze any sweet peas, according to my finicky eater son, because he wants to eat them ALL -- each and every one he can -- straight from the garden, right out of the pod.
AND FOR DESSERT: We shared frozen grapes (who knew those were that good) during our rousing family game of Battleship. And today we downed probably a half pound of fresh cherries with lunch. For those of you whose children gladly eat their vegetables, good for you. For my children yesterday seems a breakthrough of major proportions, although I'm certain there will still be picky eating days.


  1. There must be something about the peas right out of the pod (or straight from the garden) because I actually had to cut my daughter off the other night because she had ate SO many of them.

  2. That was the only way I would eat peas when I was his age. I still won't eat them out of a can. I can stomach the frozen ones now, but I will forever like the ones straight off the vine best.

    Oh, and (if you've never tried them) frozen sliced bananas are a great treat too (frozen grapes are one of my favorites, though!).