Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Think cool thoughts

If you are like us, and facing a triple digit temperature today, think cool thoughts, drink lots of water, wear sunscreen and hang in there! I'll be spending the next day or so figuring out ways to keep two young kids and their visiting grandma COOL! (We only have one small room with an air conditioner in it). What are you doing to stay cool (unless you are a lucky person in a cool Canadian province somewhere)?


  1. I have it on good authority that it's pouring down rain in Quebec today. I should go visit my friend...

    Thanks for the snow pictures - I miss snow!

  2. We've been hanging out at the public pool. Swim, stay cool, spend time with the family, take showers then go home and go to bed clean and relaxed.

  3. I love the category "Stealthy Mama Tricks." LOL. It's cooled down now, but when it was really hot, I was hiding out in our family room, where there are two small corner windows and a sliding door. The room doesn't get too much natural light so it was the coolest room in the house.

    I finally caved and bought some fans - and of course it cooled down and rained the very next morning - though that wasn't in the forecast! *sigh*