Friday, August 03, 2007

The calm without the storm

and other thoughts on parenthood. I have managed to maintain my cool for several days now. Today, however may be the hardest day yet. I have the kidlets all afternoon and evening to myself and we have no activities planned and nothing necessarily on the horizon. I went to bed late, lost sleep when woken up by the kids around 4:00 a.m., and have drunk more caffeine instead of less, to wake up. Think good thoughts that we'll manage to keep the storm at bay and maintain our household calm (at least Mama's) -- wish me luck.

On another parenting note... I have always found it intriguing to note that as parents we often take comfort in the pain of others. It sounds bad, but truly it isn't mean-spirited (at least in my own experience). However, it is soothing to know as a parent that you are not the only one dealing with behavior issues or your own skills. Recently a friend of mine (with children of similar ages) went back to work at a part-time job for the first time in years. I fully confess to feeling better when she confided in me that she just can't figure out how to continue to exercise while working 20 hours a week! Me neither. And while I feel for her plight, we can struggle to figure this out seperately and together and share the knowledge that frankly, despite our best efforts, we can't do it all and we shouldn't have to. Here's to all of us wonderfully imperfect Mamas! And maybe I should let her in on my exercising in the dark trick or let her borrow my kids yoga video (that of course only one of my kids is interested in doing with me).


  1. Belinda8/03/2007

    After a game of "is it panic attack or heart attack?" I have been informed that I have to lessen my stress, or learn to delight in the taste of stomach acid. So I've been working out on the machine that we own, at night after all my work is done, and hoping it helps. It doesn't help that my child is practicing independence and I am her sparring partner!

  2. Schadenfreude is a girl's best friend. Next to diamonds, that is. Well.... and Johnny Depp.... But that's another blog entirely.

    Hang tough, tiger. Remember, they're very short, those kid people. If nothing else, you can just put everything fun on the roof of stuff and mock them in their futile efforts to get them down.

    Sick, I know... but fun? You wouldn't BELIEVE!!


  3. Thanks for the support and camaraderie ladies!