Friday, August 24, 2007

Last summer days

Summer vacation is just about over. I am both thankful (Summer can be difficult around our place with so much time to fill) and nervous. I actually felt sad at the prospect of the summer season coming to a close yesterday - not sure why.

How are you feeling about the changing of the seasons... happy, nervous, sad, indifferent?

As we head into the weekend, I'm a little nervous about getting organized before school starts, finding the time for freelance writing, how complicated carpooling just might get, why conspiracy theorists are theorizing about Portland, whether I can manage to stop the automatic negative thoughts that bombard my brain, and how my boy will handle his classroom assignment, whatever it is. Wish us luck and share your thoughts at Summer's end and the school season's beginning AND please do check out my blog entry over at ... that way they'll think people are actually reading it and just might keep paying me to write more!


  1. Well, I only got about 1/12 of what I wanted to do this summer done, but what can you do. I'm always excited about the end of summer - fall is my favorite season and I'm looking forward to cool, crisp mornings and snuggling by the fire in our brand new woodstove (assuming we ever get it installed).

    Also looking forward to hopefully being able to go on some semblance of a vacation with hubby soon, as he continues to accumulate time off!

  2. I am sad about the changing season, not ready for the Fall yet :( Love the strawberry pic!

  3. Mixed emotions too. Doesn't seem like we had much of a summer. Not enough heat. Being in CA is helping but seems strange we'll be getting home just in time for school to start. Seems like I need more summer time to adjust to fall coming.

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