Monday, August 27, 2007


The picture below illustrated just the kind of weekend (and beginning of the week) we've been having:

What you can't see is that my hubbie at some point has written on the sign (when no one was looking) ... two young kids!

It is the end of summer, the kidlets are getting bored, the parents are trying to get things done (such as roof repair) that need to happen before the rainy weather and busy school days get started - not always the best combo.

So I'm off to take the kids to a new library branch (for a change of pace and hopefully a few good books to get us to the first day of school) and then who knows. What are you doing to get ready for school - if you and/or your kids aren't already there (or you aren't in school)?

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  1. ours are back in school, but to combat the end of summer doldrums, we also went to the library and we went fishing, twice. NO, I'm not some fisherwoman. I hated it as a kid, but somehow my kids like it. Since I'm the only one who has any experience at it, I won this job. (oh, and the fact that my hubbie and his entire family have a thing about needles) We only do catch and release and thank goodness there was nothing caught or released either time this summer! But they had fun trying/feeding the fishies hot dogs.