Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shouldn't should

I know we should be getting the kids up right at 7:00 am each morning and getting them into their school routine, but we're tired and summer's not quite through.
I know this house should be organized from top to bottom so starting school is way easier, but we should also paint the house trim and have some fun.
I should be sorting through clothes for the kids and getting ready for the fall stuff, but I'm sitting here blogging and having my coffee.
I know I shouldn't be should'n but I do. How about you? What should you be doing and what are you actually doing?


  1. Should be doing all the same as you but we're on vacation. :)

  2. I am actually doing my online bill paying, which i have neglected! Ugh!

  3. Housework. Lots and lots of housework.

  4. I should be walking the dog, stopping my cat from digging through whatever it is she is making noise with right now, doing the dishes, making breakfast, making lunch. But instead I'm blogging, the procrastinator's tool because as I race to the bus stop in the morning it sounds cool to say "Yeah, I'm late, I was posting on my blog."