Monday, September 10, 2007


Trying to get off to a good start this morning with breakfast parfaits... with fresh blackberries off the backyard vine and the last ripe strawberries out of the garden - yum. At least my kids WILL eat fruit ... and eat it and eat it and eat it.

We are busy as boy enters school week #2 in his new classroom... seems to be going well (cross our fingers). It is probably going better than his behavior at home - which seems to be his M.O.

Girl is excited as she starts her first week of school (and parent helping for me).

Dad starts a new semester at his school. I'm not sure if I'm excited about that or not given it means two afternoons/nights in a row each week that I've got the kids to myself for school pickup, dinner, baths, bedtime.

Today I get to help the boy's teacher with files briefly, get trained as a preschool parent helper although I've done it now for 2 years basically, go to a volunteer meeting (Stand for Children) and theoretically 2 more for elementary school (if I can find babysitting). The fun has begun...

What's fun for you right now during this back-to-school season?


  1. Early bed times with no fussing because they're so tired from the school day. LUV IT!!

  2. Watching the kids as they stand out waiting at the bus stop. They look SO BUMMED that summer is over... :-)

  3. The "better at school than at home" thing isn't just your boy. I was a preschool teacher, and I had many conferences with parents where I would congratulate then on their well-behaved little darling. A look of puzzled bemusement crossed their faces. Then they would begin physically describing their child, to make sure I hadn't confused him with another of my students.

    Now, pass me a parfait over here on the double, missy!