Sunday, September 16, 2007

And the eyes have it

Eye, eye, eye... this was part of my week:

  • Hubbie went back to school (had kids to myself 2 nights in a row),
  • 3 school meetings in 2 days,
  • Girl spiking fever for several days and sporting pink eye thus missing 1st day of preschool,
  • Boy complaining of tooth pain (where he already has root canal and crowns -- what's up with that?),
  • Mama having horrible cramps which of course come with the severe grumpies,
  • Call from the boy's school but not for tooth pain... goes something like this:

NURSE: "Hi this is the school nurse. Your boy got hurt on the playground at recess."

MAMA: "Oh gosh! What happened? Is he o.k.?"

NURSE: "Apparently it was an accident. He got poked very hard in the eye. He wouldn't open it so I offered him a gummy bear."

MAMA: "Um... his teeth are super prone to decay. I'd rather he didn't have a gummy bear."

NURSE: "He already ate it -- but I had him rinse his mouth out with water."

It goes on but needless to say, I ended up having to pick up said, Dad having to sit with him for hours at urgent care because the pain wouldn't go away, diagnosis corneal abrasion, boy still not opening eye 2 days later! Not to worry, once he opens his eye - he should be fine.

And the fun just never ends.


  1. Your poor boy! Eye scratches are super duper painful (I've had two). He deserves major sympathy. Poor thing!

  2. oy, oy, oy!! dental work is no fun.