Friday, September 21, 2007

Days like this

  • Get up
  • Make coffee
  • Play Legos
  • Make breakfast for the kids (nibble a little)
  • Get the kids to get dressed
  • Try to keep the kids from fighting
  • Take boy to first grade
  • Take girl to preschool
  • Go get coffee and a bagel (nibble not enough)
  • Go to 2nd grade and help with painting project
  • Go home and pick up hubbie to take him to get a car part
  • Bring hubbie home to fix car
  • Head back to 2nd grade if there's time
  • Head back to preschool to be parent helper at lunchtime
  • Bring girl home
  • Make and eat lunch
  • Head to work

Ahhhhhh ... you don't get fun days like this when you are single and don't have kids! :-)


  1. i am tired just reading this- Augh!

  2. My "day off" last Friday was like this. Run here, run there, pass out on sofa when kids finally go to bed.

    I need a day off to recover from my day off!


  3. Yikes! And here I thought I had a bad day...thanks for the reality check!