Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Whisper to a scream

I liked this shot simply because of the intensity of the deep stormy blue ... of the zillionth storm coming through when we were at the beach.
And beside the fact that today is actually drizzly and dark, I include this photo along with a confession. I did great for 6 whole days... and then yesterday morning...after a weekend without exercise, quality Mama time or much sleep, I finally lost it! Yup... I couldn't quite keep in the primal scream any longer which said... "I can't take it anymore! (at least for a minute). And I didn't even manage to do the recommended Carol Burnette Tarzan yell which the kids and I have discussed as the appropriate way to let off steam. Darn it all. Oh well... Nobody's perfect. The good news is that I recovered fairly quickly, I didn't really yell AT anyone and I apologized to the kids and promised to keep working on doing better.
It has been a rough week with a double-toothache (the boy) and on-going 4 1/2 year old girl developmental struggles. The good news in the midst of all this... School is coming, I believe I've actually lost 2 pounds somehow and hopefully I'll get more sleep tonight.
As a parent, or a non-parent, what about kids makes you yell (or want to anyway)?


  1. What makes me yell/want to yell? The sense that although I can hear myself talking, calmly, nicely, my kids don't seem to hear a thing. Is any sound coming out?


  2. Constant bickering drives me nuts. Why can't they just have a conversation? Why must it be laced with sarcasm, stinky tones and unkind comments? This is a constant battle and makes me blow my top.

  3. Anonymous8/07/2007

    for me... it is never ending whining...... or just the tone of whining... that makes me want to scream and causes me to do so...

  4. For me it is parents who ignore their children having a tantrum and screaming at the top of their lungs in public. My ears haven't built up the tolerance of listening to the screams and it drives me nuts!