Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Things to come

This is one of my favorite corners of my house (at least when it is clean). Why? Dunno. Just like the look and feel of its style.

Unfortunately lately it has become way too much of a focus in our lives. Our poor boy was born with some genetic issues. One of them appears to be teeth which are extremely prone to decay... and by that I mean EXTREMELY. Currently the boy needs to have basically 2 root canals and 2 crowns on his back molars and already this morning he is complaining about tooth pain on the other side of his mouth.

When I describe our predicament to friends and loved ones, they inevitably start with something like this: "Can't he take some kind of fluoride pills?" Well... the answer to that is "Yes he can and yes he has been for years now!" But it is simply not enough.

Parenthood is hard enough with a picky eater who doesn't get enough vitamins through veggies and such or on the other hand with a child with not-so-great teeth. Lucky us, we get both in one little boy.

And so currently as we face all that comes with back to school, we are also looking forward to a sensory integration assessment, a referral to a nutritionist and the aforementioned dental procedures. We are having to comtemplate bi-monthly fluoride applications, $9.00 toothpaste that contains xylitol, figuring out how in the world to get far less sugar in our boy's mouth (which probably means investigating all types of sugar-free candies and goodies as well as making many of these things at home with xylitol -- as if I have the time) and looking at changing his diet to both accomodate his need for more vitamins and minerals but not ones that come from sources which will rot his teeth. The boy also has to adjust to all this plus most likely brushing his teeth after lunch at school (when probably nobody else does) and so much more... of course to him this is all pretty much his norm.

And so as if all that I've already mentioned wasn't enough as I look at school's start looming just 4 weeks away, I'm looking at my house and feeling my stress rising... MUST... FIGURE... OUT ... WAYS .... to clean and ORGANIZE!!! A little like nesting before a baby comes, I've got to get my nest in order or the Mama taint gonna be a happy one!

And so I'm off to clean, get rid of and O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E. Any ideas on organizing related to kids and all their school stuff (papers, homework, etc) or preventative dental measures are gladly welcomed here!


  1. School starts for us in exactly one week. Ridiculously early and with August heat it means indoor recess for the first couple of weeks.

    The "mommy homework" is what gets me the first week. Sign this, sign that, return this.

    As for organization: the best offense is a good defense. I go through and weed daily. Junk goes into the recycling bin immediately. I also have file folders for school, scouts, and sports. I have a very small kitchen and no where to store all this paper, so I have to stay on top of it. My pack rat husband and children are of no use in this effort. I dread the thought of it all starting again next week.

  2. I too have a shelf where I keep papers for scouts, school, bills, ect... so if I need a place to 'put' my papers, that's where they go rather than the piles around the house that is my alternative. Kids 'art' and bring home work is kept in a pile all week and gone thru at the end of the week. I tell them they can keep two art pieces and the rest has to go. I let them choose. I am so in your place right now. It must be a mama thing. :)