Friday, August 10, 2007

Thinking about stinking

"PeeeeeYeeeeuuuuuuu! Somebody change my sister!" said the boy.

Said sister and I laughed so hard we almost fell off the couch. Unfortunately it was true. She did stink (as in the Grinch's STINK, STANK, STUNK) and needed be changed. Potty training is going well but it could be better. We've managed to consistently use the potty (even sometimes waking up in the middle of the night to do so) but just not for the dreaded -- and stinky -- #2. And so we've regressed slightly, but we remain hopeful that we'll move forward eventually someday being a household free of ANY diapers, Pullups, Good Nights or other such thangs.

And speaking of stinking, I've been trying to branch out a bit by seeking some freelance writing work and of course continuing to consider ways to move forward with my photography. How does this relate to stinking? I'm not going to be writing and snapping shots of my compost bin or the local dump it's true. So what am I talking about? It is something I've come to calling "The Imposter Syndrome." Simply put, it is the sense that when the world finally figures out I don't know what I'm doing, it will all come crashing down. Somehow I was never found out to be a fraud -- not as a product manager for a major record label, not as a non-profit marketing person, not as an occasional freelance writer.... hmmmm. Maybe that's saying something but that doesn't stop my brain from playing games with me. But this go round, I'm just gonna play right back. I want my children to believe in themselves and I'm just gonna have to take some more life chances to show them I believe in myself too.

Now back to photography and stinking... For those of you who have recently ordered cards from me, I completely confess to my own stinkiness. This summer has discombobulated me and taken me away from photo taking and card creativity in general. HOWEVER, I do have materials for your orders and I will be completing them and mailing them to you ever so soon - I swear! There's nothing in my Etsy shop for now (SOLD OUT) but I'll let you all know when there's an update there -- maybe some more individual cards or a shirt. Maybe not.

Happy Friday. Is there anything you worry that you stink at? Do share.

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  1. I'm stinking as mommy right now. Back to the library for some parenting books to get a refresher, be refreshed and looking for sanity as my children change and so does their behavior.